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All lessons are done at a private lake in Fresno where the water stays warmer than any other lake.

All ages can come learn on the worlds best equipment.

Buy Gear

Looking to get into foiling but don't know what gear to get?

Come get a reccomendation from someone who has helped hundres of people start foiling over the last 2 years. We have a few foils in stock and can get any efoil you want in within a week.

Why we started CenCal Foil Sports

Back in 2019 we thought we should try wake foil surfing. There was nobody to help us learn to ride, no way to demo various foils and no experienced driver. So we did what a lot of people do, bought the cheapest foil we could find online. It was so difficult that we almost gave up. After a lot of struggle we got the idea to buy a more professional style foil. After the first ride on that foil we knew that all skill levels could benefit from a high quality foil. So immediately we set up a foil board especially for beginners. Now what took us a month to learn before, some of our customers are learning in an hour!

first day foiling
first day foiling

Lessons on a private lake

We do all of our eFoil and Surf Foil lessons on a private lake. The water is flatter and warmer than most lakes making it the perfect place for a beginner to pick up the sport of foiling. In addition to great foiling conditions, the lake has a nice covered patio and barbeque area that stays 10-15 degrees cooler than everywhere else, because of the breeze off the water.